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Activa web platform allows you to keep track of your assets. All your devices are registered in the database and you can check at anytime their location, availability, status and any kind of associated information. The most important collateral flows of your transactional business, such as device rental, batch delivery, returns and repair, can be managed thru Activa. We will find all the information at one place and any user intervention will be logged. All these funstionalities can also be integrated to your existing applications thru web services

BPOS - Activa

  • BPOS - Register your customers
    Register your customers
  • BPOS - Track your devices
    Track your devices
  • BPOS - Locate your assets
    Locate your assets
  • BPOS - Browse your database
    Browse your database
  • BPOS - Get stats & reports
    Get stats & reports
  • BPOS - Inventory your goods
    Inventory your goods
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