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We are focused on developing and delivering high performance GPRS POS Terminals based on a fully compatible cross platform. No matter what is your electronic transaction business, we will guarantee low cost solutions easy to integrate with your back-office.

  • Bpos GPRS Micro Browser

    The Bpos POS terminal software is based on a client/server architecture called micro browser. The micro browser is a thin client transaction oriented software which runs server driven instructions.

    BPOS - Micro Browser XML Messaging - Application Server

  • Bpos Gateway

    The Bpos embedded software is a micro browser based on short XML messages over GPRS handled by the Bpos Gateway on the server side. The Bpos gateway is a piece of proven and reliable software to be integrated with any existing platform. 
    The micro browser protocol is transaction oriented rather than session oriented, allowing the server application to restore the whole business logic out of any incoming message.

  • Embedded USSD &
    Push USSD functions

    The Bpos USSD terminal is fully compatible with any existing USSD services. This session oriented protocol allows any kind of transaction to be implemented and smoothly deployed. The Bpos additionally allows to print any USSD message received from the server.

  • Sim Toolkit feature

    OTAThe POS terminal, like any cellular handset, runs a standard STK interface which recognize and execute uploaded applications on the simcard. The API is embedded on the Bpos firmware and doesn’t require any additional development or integration effort. Over The Air applets delivery can be performed thru operator networks allowing dynamic application management. This standard and secure process is the state of the art “remote simcard’s application management”.

BPOS - Micro Browser Application Logic

Key Benefits

Fast implementation and deployment of new transactions

Powerful centralized management

Low cost, development, testing and deployment

Smooth remote operation with no inconvenience for the merchant

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